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Natalie & Mark Keller



Our Story

Brewing is in Mark's blood - his father is a well respected brewer in the Bay Area home-brew scene and Mark has been a home brewer his whole adult life. Starting a craft brewery has been a dream of Marks since a young age. Bruehol was originally started in 2014 by Mark and three friends, who are all deep rooted in the Bay Area home brewing scene. In 2017 the Taproom officially opened and in 2019 Natalie bought into the business with the goal of using her career experience in Napa Valley wine to help Bruehol grow and thrive. Together Mark and Natalie bought out the three original partners and Bruehol has been operating under their combined guidance and management since 2019. Reviving the original Benicia Brewing from the early 1900's, putting our own twist on German beer in modern times and naming each beer after something historically relevant to our area has been beyond fun. Providing a safe and a fun place for families, friends, our community as a whole and craft beer lovers from all over the world has given us a sense of fulfillment that we did not know was possible.

We are a stand alone business in our community, dedicated to keeping the history of our town alive through our named beers. We are a meeting place for youth sports teams, birthday parties, local folk bands gather and practice at our establishment, we have local home-brew clubs use our facility to meet. Giving back to our community is a large part of our operation. We provide education about our business and how we revived a nearly 100 year old brewery and make sure customers leave knowing a little more amazing history about this little town we call home. Our goal is to be a place where any and all walks of life feel comfortable and at home.

We are one of three "nano-residential-commercial" breweries in the entire state of California, additionally we are one of only 30 in the state that are women owned. We were the 9th fastest
growing brewery Nationwide in 2017 according to the Brewers Association. We are a champion for craft beer and often promote other breweries as we realize when we work together, we are all successful. Our brewery is small but mighty! At the moment we received our new brewing equipment which was made entirely in California using American made steel, the Covid-19
pandemic hit. We made it through the pandemic and couldn't have done so without a city who stands behind us and dedicated craft beer lovers who support us every step of the way.

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